Amy Price

Amy is on her second round of living in Toledo! She lived in Holland several years ago, worked in Bowling Green, and then moved to Akron. She and her husband now live in Waterville with their two daughters. She believes in love over fear, coffee over tea, and Backstreet Boys over *NSYNC. You can read more of her writing at

How Hello Fresh Taught Me To Cook

Growing up, my mom had a menu of maybe five go-to meals for our family.  She was a working single mom and I was an extraordinarily picky child, so those meals were pretty basic...

Three Phrases That Save My Marriage

This summer marks eight years that my husband and I have been married.  Eight years, three houses, two moves back and forth to Toledo (that’s another story), three pregnancies, two kids, one new car,...

What Makes Self-Care Actually Work

I was in grad school when I began to hear the phrase “self-care." Professors began sprinkling that term in as they discussed the high burnout rate in our profession.  By our third year, we...

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day – Which Cookie Mom Are You?

Have you ever smelled something and it immediately brought back memories?  The scent of warm chocolate chip cookies, right out of the oven, do that for me.  Instantly I’m transported to my childhood home,...

When You Feel Stuck in First Gear

Do you remember your first real bike?  Not the kid kind that once had training wheels...but your first adult bike with hand-brakes and gears?  I was 12 years old and it was a bright...

How To Stay Productive At Home (Spoiler Alert: You Already Are)

  I never wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom. NEVER. I’m an extrovert, an achiever, a perfectionist, a do-er.  I like to be on the go all week and crash on the weekends. When we had...

A Letter To My Littles During COVID-19

My sweet girls, I often wonder how history will tell the story of these days.  You are so little, I doubt you will remember. My mother used to talk about the Challenger space shuttle explosion...