Diane Rasar


Time for Baby #2?

Some things about being a mom are hard to talk about. Some topics are just difficult to bring up and discuss. For me that topic is the decision to have another baby. My husband and...

Spring Prep Chores

It is almost time folks… it is almost SPRING in NW Ohio!!! Now, I am a winter lover through and through and I always have been. I really enjoy the colder weather, love the...

My ONLY Goal of 2021

Every year as we are getting to the end of the Holiday season, the new year is knocking at the door. A new year brings so many emotions. Some see it as a fresh...

How “The List” Saved my Holidays

People would use an infinite number of adjectives to describe me… I do not care to know them all, but there are a ton. One word that would not make the top of that...

A Different Holiday Season

It’s the HOLIDAY SEASON!!! That time of year where so much is going on, crazy is a common word, and excitement is at an all time high. In my house growing up, Thanksgiving was the...

Things I Learned Planning a 1st Birthday Party

So much has changed in the last year for me… in all the best ways. August 3rd, 2019, I became a mommy. Something I had dreamed of for as long as I can remember....