Lindsay Cribbs

Lindsay is a boy mom and teacher who loves sweatpants, Jesus, and being outdoors. Originally from the Columbus area, she attended BGSU and hasn’t left Northwest Ohio since. She lives in Perrysburg with her husband, Wes, and their two boys. Her oldest son, Marshall, has taken her on a whirlwind journey into the world of autism. She loves to share her experiences navigating early intervention and inclusion and to problem solve alongside other moms. Lindsay is passionate about people, experiences, and finding the humor in everyday life. Follow Lindsay on Instagram @lindsaymcribbs and her blog at

5 Things Special Needs Moms Need From You (Yes, You!)

Differences are difficult to navigate. When we avoid saying the wrong thing, our silence can be deafening. When we wait for others to act, we risk no action at all. As the mother of a...

Diet Intervention and Autism: Our Story

When my son Marshall was diagnosed with autism, I was ready to jump into action.  We immediately enlisted in occupational therapy and enrolled him in a preschool specifically for kids on the spectrum.  We...

Grace and Goals Can Coexist

Pandemic Grace Narrative In the midst of this pandemic, there’s a narrative of grace emerging-- especially among moms. Social media is full of positive affirmations and a reminder that we’re all in this together. That...