Hi, Toledo Moms!

I am so excited that you have stumbled across our page! I have a fierce passion for connecting and providing a place for mothers and soon to be mothers to feel community and have resources provided to them at their fingertips! I am a wife and mother to two little girls (Amzie -October 2018 and Rawlings – May 2020). We live in a suburb of Toledo, Ohio while my husband commutes for work.
In December of 2017, I left my corporate job in the Oil & Gas Industry and have never looked back! In my spare time, I love a good brunch with mimosas, a warm summer day at the golf course, and a glass of wine overlooking sunsets at the lake.
In the last five years, My husband and I have moved across the country FIVE times. In the beginning years, we were both very career-focused but always dreamed of starting a family. When we began trying we would have never thought that we would be down the road of infertility. All while trying to hold it together at conferences for my job and trying to find the right doctors in new cities, we came across a collection of sister sites all over the country. Each sister site provided me with amazing support and excellent resources for the area that I was so very new to.  If you are an infertility mama, I see you and I support you.
In 2019, we moved again to Ohio and that was something we never saw coming. We were pretty adamant that Texas was home for good. I mean we started a family there, why wouldn’t it be home?! Coming into Ohio, I started frantically researching for anything that would give me resources on where to live, what to do, what doctors to see, and events that I could meet some mom friends. I could not come up with anything that led me to what I was needing. So, I researched how all the other sites around the country got started, and here we are today!
Launching Toledo Moms has been a dream come true. When I talk about it to other mothers, community leaders, and business owners, it is apparent that it has been a much-needed resource for years across our area. I am so excited to provide you with content geared to motherhood in all stages, provide a resource for everything in our area, and hold some amazing events for area mothers to get to know each other.
This is Toledo Moms | Community | Events | Resources. A place where you can connect without judgment on how you parent or what you do in your spare “free” time. I look forward to meeting you.
You can connect with me on Instagram: @ashtreyacres or email me at [email protected] .